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บริษัท ดินดีน้ำใส จำกัด
โครงการการศึกษาสีเขียว สู่มาตรฐานสากลอาเซี่ยน 2016(Green Education Project for ASEAN Community 2016)
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The objective of Green Country Project

The objective of Green Country Project

1. To alarm the consciousness of the farmers and the people to be aware of global warming
    and environmental problems that will affect to both of Thailand and the world community.
2. To push the tree planting such as; 984,000,000 trees of various fast-growing perennial
    plants and all kinds of perennial plants, including renewable energy plants which the country
    then will have the forest increase quickly and continuously.
3. For the farmers to have a chance to create and, increase the family income which will
    result in enhanced the quality of life in the future.
4. For the farmers and the people to have the clearly understanding about the microorganism
    for the agriculture and environment which will make the soil, water and general environment
    improvement better.
5. Collaborate with both of government and private organizations to campaign for the
    conservation of nature and the environment within and outside the country.

The objective of Green Country Project that supports the principle of Tree Bank is

1. Wherever the people plant the trees, those trees will belong to them. It means giving
    the value to the right of the community and the right of people to have the feeling of ownership.
    Because of the problem in the past was as if the people was not the owner, they then did not
    appreciate the value of the trees.
2. Wherever the people plant the trees, the people shall have the right to take care of them,
    to charge and cutting for the trade. It means giving the right to take care of the trees and to
    manage for the trade to be an asset for living like other agricultural crops.
3. The land where the people plant the trees, they will have the right in both of trees and
    the land to own. It means that the trees that the people plant and the land that the people plant
    the trees will be the fundamental rights for the people to appreciate of the ownership appropriately.
4. The trees that the people plant shall be their asset and the trees shall have the value. It
    means the guarantee of value and the cost for the trees of the people, and gives that value to be
    people’s asset for entailing to be the trees heritage as other asset.
5. Every tree that the people plant shall make the green to the land and the balance to the ecosystem,
    including the problem solving of global warming with the pleasure.

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